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is the only frozen meat and seafood supplier than can

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Our Featured Product Categories

Frozen Beef and Lamb

We supply consistent quality beef and lamb whether you’re a big restaurant or a canteen. We guarantee of the quality of the meat.

Frozen Pork

From pork jowls to pork chops, we have what you need. We will make sure that you will get quality meat for your recipes.

Frozen Chicken

Our frozen chicken products comes with careful handling and sanitation to preserve the freshness of the meat.

Frozen Seafood Supply

With the right freezing technology and process, our clients are very satisfied of fresh seafood products we supply them.


Our Best Selling Products


Pork Jowls Supplier

Consistent Frozen Solutions is a supplier of frozen pork jowls skin on boneless in the Philippines.


Beef Forequarter

Looking for beef forequarter cuts? We supply it all over the Philippines from prime rib and rib eye steaks to briskets and foreshanks.


Bacon Ends

Always have limited supply from your Bacon supplier? We see to it that you will never run out of stocks.

Pork Belly Skin On Bone in

We are supplier of frozen pork belly skinless boneless in the Philippines – sourced internationally, mostly from US and Canada.


Ground Beef - Lean or Regular

We have two (2) available ground beef available -lean (10% fat) and regular (30% fat)

Chicken Leg Quarter

The quality of our imported frozen chicken leg quarter is different from one brand to the next. Please contact us for the availability of stock.


Brands we carry


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Consistent Frozen Solutions is the frozen meat supplier of choice of many restaurants in the Philippines


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